Wednesday, September 13, 2017

About Tasks

I get a great number of questions from women who want to know what kind of tasks they should be giving to their partner. It has always been my opinion that you should create your own list of tasks. I have said this in my books and on this blog before, but I have also given several ideas.

First of all, you need to know your partner's likes and dislikes. What turns him on about being controlled by you? Does he enjoy being humiliated? Is he into voyeurism? Exhibitionism? Does he enjoy being punished for failures? What are his fantasies about? If you can't answer these simple questions, you are probably NOT giving him the kinds of tasks he would most enjoy.

First of all, I like to think there are three basic areas that all tasks can be lumped into. The first are tasks that come from everyday life. Things that you need done. Chores! The other two areas are “sexual” tasks and “humiliation” tasks. Of course, both of these last two can be broken down into many sub categories, but that is where you come in.

Some examples of chores would be preparing diner, cleaning up after diner, washing the dishes (often by hand), taking out the trash, doing the laundry, etc. Things that you used to do. To make these things more interesting, you can add a sexual, or humiliating, aspect to them. For example, he can do the dishes while naked or wearing a pair of women's panties. If you have kids around, make him wear those panties under his normal clothing.

Basically, any time you can add a sexual or humiliating aspect to any ordinary chore, you give him more of an incentive. The threat of punishment, depending on what works, can also be used as a motivator. For example, if he doesn't make the bed properly, or fails to empty the wastebasket in the kitchen, you can threaten to paddle him. Or maybe, if he is in chastity, postpone his release date.

Of course, you can also reward him in addition (or instead of) punishing him. Rewards are always a good motivator. If he enjoys being paddled or spanked, then don't use it as a punishment. Find another means. After all, if it's a punishment, it should not be pleasant.

When it comes to sexual tasks, we are talking about his pleasing you, or satisfying your sexual desires. You know what those are. So I shouldn't have to give you any ideas there. Just remember, YOU are the one in control. He is NOT allowed to have a headache to get out of performing sexually.

As for humiliating tasks, these are things that you enjoy watching him do. Whether it is simply masturbating for you, kneeling on the floor, or having weights attached to his balls, is up to you. But whatever you have him do, it should be something that you enjoy.

So, make your own lists. Be creative. And most of all, have some fun!

Mistress Ivey


  1. To remind me that my boy parts are really hers to control, I'm often told to "display," which means my penis (I'm not allowed to call it anything else) and balls are outside of my jeans, shorts, whatever whenever possible; when I'm working in the yard, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, or just watching a ball game, the bits are on display. I'm also required to make it hard and stroke it on command, but rarely to orgasm. Just thought I'd share!


    1. I'm astonished that She allows you to call it yours! My Goddess's tiny sissy clit (which is the only thing I'm allowed to call it) is Her property, and Hers alone.

  2. I would like to read a blog post on where to make slave husbands sleep. My wife wants me to sleep in a nearby storage closet which she can lock from the outside. I like her thinking, but how common is this?

    1. Sleeping in or locked into something is common and exciting for both parties. Just as long as the Dominant takes care to make sure there is enough air or water available so the slave does not pass out before morning.