Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why Male Chastity?

There are numerous reason why a man might be interested, or even fascinated, by male chastity. If your partner has hinted around about it, come right out and asked for it, or mentioned it in a fantasy, it might be something you want to look into.

There are many different reasons why a man might want to have his penis locked up in a chastity device. Maybe he feels that he masturbates too often. Maybe he enjoys the thought that only one woman holds the key to his sexual pleasure. Maybe he is aware that men enjoy being turned on, frustrated even, and that male chastity is one way to experience a great deal more sexual desire.

Whatever the reason, even though it seems like more “work” for you, you might want to give it some serious thought. After all, most of the actual benefits derived from male chastity, benefit the Keyholder... YOU! You will be in control of when and how the two of you have sex. Ask yourself this one question, “Does he want sex (or sexual activity) more than you do?” If you answer, “Yes,” then you might be consider using a chastity device to lock up his penis so that you can use it whenever YOU want, instead of whenever HE wants.

There are many websites now that cover many different aspects of male chastity. I will spend the next few posts on the subject to help those who are interested in it, to learn just how beneficial it can be. As for how much “work” it will be for you, that is up to you. I will show you ways to make it easier on you. There are many ways to give him some kind of sexual excitement that will not require a great deal of time or effort on your part.

There are personal and relational benefits as well. He may be more attentive, romantic, helpful, and even happy, once you have him locked up. You may enjoy more of the kind of sexual activities that you desire as well. Maybe he has been lacking in attending to your needs. Are you getting the number of orgasms you would like? Is he spending enough time providing the oral sex you would like? What about simple back and/or body massages? Are you getting everything you you really want, or could your sex life be better? Think about it.

Mistress Ivey


  1. Could you explain the problems that occur when the mans needs are not being met by the wife, example if the wife locks the man up for say days weeks months and the wife just teases and denies and thinks that the cage is meant to not let the man have a release and is solely for her pleasure and neglects the mans pleasure (since it is the man who is even allowing his wife or wants the wife to put a cage on him and wants his wife to pay more attention to him since there may be a great lack of that to begin with) how should the wife deal with the real issue that the man may get upset or really frustrated cause he is not getting a release from her the wife and may blame the wife for neglecting his needs and may ask or just take the cage off and take care of his own needs his way? What I'm asking is what are the issues that arise that would have the opposite effect of male chasity that leads to greater content and resentment from either side be it the wife or the husband?

  2. I'm looking forward to sorting out the benefits!

  3. it sounds to me that you need to have a good old sit down, face to face, frank discussion with your wife about all this. BTW, it sounds as if she does tease and deny you. Correct? Maybe not as much as you would like, or maybe you want to ejaculate more often. Again, this would be a negotiated thing and I cannot dictate the outcome. Did you not ask her to lock you up? Did you not want to be teased and denied? Did you not put your release in her hands? Be careful what you ask for...

  4. That's just what I'm saying, along with the amazing benefits it bring to both parties, im just saying it's nice to see and hear about the negatives things that come up, more so specific examples of what to be prepared for so you can stay locked up and continue to grow togeather while doing male chastity with your partner, also what if the wife brings up male chastity to her husband and not the other way around, I know most men push it on their wives but what about the wives that push it on there husbands? That brings a different point of view of how to go about being locked up.

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