Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It's me, nemo, again... You know, there are many, MANY ways to punish your sub. I, for one, am not really into pain. So, paddling etc. is reserved for when I really need to learn a lesson. Most of the punishments I receive are less... Sadistic.

I have been made to stand with my nose against a wall, naked. I have been forced to drink my own ejaculate, something I really hate doing. I have been made to masturbate in the woods while standing in front of our car while Mistress sat in the driver's seat watching. I have even been bound to a post at a dungeon party simply because I said something mistress didn't like. That was quite embarrassing. I was not only naked and blindfolded, but people could touch me, put clips and clamps on me, or even rub ice on various parts of my body. While it was all rather erotic, I would much preferred to be able to walk around and converse with some of my friends.

I have had to masturbate while standing in the living room in front Mistress Ivey and at her direction. Normally, I am either not allowed to ejaculate or must ruin my own orgasm and consume the results. I really hate those punishments! Then there are the caged days where I spend some or all of a day in a steel cage. But I think the worst punishments are the ones where I am forced to cross-dress in some way. I don't even like wearing women's panties all day.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not the punishment that counts, but rather the way it is given. If done in fun, some can be  quite erotic, but when a scolding or demeaning lecture accompany the act, it becomes much less erotic. Mistress always makes sure that I have to do something that she finds entertaining. I guess that's why I often get punished for the slightest infraction.



  1. I've been in FLR for the past 10 years. About 2 years ago my wife decided she would take a lover and has been in a serious relationship with one for the last year. He travels alot for work but spends every other weekend at our home. I dont mind him coming and sleeping with her in our bed. My wife insists that I be locked when he is around which I completely understand and accept. My wife has spanked me in front of him half a dozen times or so for minor offenses. Last week I disrespected him and my wife lost it on me. She paddled my ass so hard I thought I was bleeding. I know I deserved it but what Im unsure of is that she offered the paddle to him to take a few hits. He didnt hesitate and laid 4 really hard hits on me and i started to cry. I was upset I had displeased my wife and I apologized to both of them. My wife was really pissed off and sent me to my room for the rest of the weekend. I didnt see him again before he left and he isnt here this weekend. My wife has barely spoken to me and only a few verbal instructions have been given. I have remained in chastity since then. I know not to question my wifes decisions but I wasnt ready or expecting her to allow him to do it. My question is should the bull be allowed to discipline me or should it just be my wife administering the punishment pain? I feel awful about what happened and not sure if I should talk her about what happened or should I just let it go and let her decide how things move forward. I hate displeasing and hope I havent caused them any problems.

    1. I had made them a really nice dinner and they had just finished the second bottle of wine. He asked for a scotch before I served dessert. I returned to the table with a scotch for him. I had poured the 12 year old which I usually drink when allowed. My wife must have followed me to the bar and saw me pour the 12 year without me knowing. He then asked me what I had poured. I hesitated and said 21 year old. I knew immediately I had been caught. She had caught me in a lie and was pissed. I had put her is position where she had to show her dominance when I lied to him. She had to react in a way I would remember. She had me dump the drink and fetch him a new one. After dessert she asked me to bring her the paddle and remove my pants. "I had disrespect him by not serving the better more expensive scotch and disrespected her with my lie" It was a beating I will not forget. I truely feel awful about what I have done.