Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day

I know, it's just a day created by the greeting card companies to sell cards, flowers and candy. But, hey, I'm a woman. So I have been doing some looking around for a few items to give my hubby. He had better be doing the same!

I don't send cards (I live with my Valentine). Why would I send him a card? But...That doesn't mean I can't buy him gifts. AND... It doesn't mean he won't have to buy me a few things, either. In fact, I have plans that include taking him shopping with me. After all, why should I settle for what he “thinks” I want when I can show him and stand right there while he buys it?

Gentlemen, and I know most of my readers are gentlemen, if you have been wanting to show your wife, girlfriend, or significant other, the benefits of taking control. So this is your big chance to do just that! Give her a day she will never forget. Pamper her from the moment she wakes up. How about breakfast in bed? You could follow that up with a full body massage including a nice long foot rub. She will love it. Spend the rest of your day showing her just how nice it would be to have a guy willing to do everything for her. Let her spend the day sitting in a chair, relaxing, watching TV, while you massage those lovely feet of hers… Again! If she is hungry, make her something to eat. If she is thirsty, fill her glass. Never mind the kids, this is Valentine’s Day. You have a reason to act like her slave. She deserves it!

Who knows? Maybe you can carry it over into the rest of the week. Before long, she won’t be able to live without knowing that you will be there to do all those little things she hates doing herself. Don’t blow it, guys. This is day comes but once a year. Make the most of it! And… Good luck!

Mistress Ivey

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