Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Getting Enough

Okay, he asked you to lock his cock in a cage. He said your were in charge of, not only his orgasms, but all your sexual activity. He said you could tease him whenever, wherever, and however you wanted. He told you that he would be willing to do more of the chores around the house. He told you it would make him more attentive to your sexual needs. So what happened? He seems to want more sex, or sexual attention, than he ever did before.

Admit it ladies, he is doing more for you than ever before, isn't he? So what's the problem? Greed! He seems to want more sexual attention than he ever did before. What did you expect? Did you think that just because you locked him up and agreed to take charge that his normal male sex drive would some how magically disappear? That's right, I said “Normal.”

Let's look at this problem logically and see what we can do to relieve all the pressure he has been putting on you to step up his teasing. First of all, you need to realize that all men were designed differently than women. Even if you are one of those who want a great deal of sex, chances are he still wants more than you. Women were designed to want sex at those times when they can get pregnant. Face it ladies, it's the way we were built. Men, on the other hand, were built to be ready to impregnate us whenever we are ready. That means, in order for them to be ready when we are, they have to be ready all the time. So you see, it's normal for them to be greedy.

Now that we have that settled, what can we, as women in charge, do about it? The answer is simple. Nothing. Well, not exactly, but instead of giving them all the sex they want, it now falls upon us to redirect that energy. To focus their sexual drive in another direction. Ask your self this (and be honest), are you really getting all the sexual attention you want? Are you getting foot and back massages whenever you want? Are you getting all the orgasms you want? Are you getting all the oral sex and intercourse you want? Are all the chores you want him to do getting done?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” who's to blame? In order to satisfy your partner's sexual desires, there is more you can do besides, fondling his cock all the time. He wants to serve you. He wants you to tell him how to do that. The problem is, do you know how to do that while satisfying his sexual needs? If you want him to wash the dishes, are you making it a “sexual” thing that he is doing for you? When you ask him to run to the store for you, are you making that a “sexual” thing?

My point is, he doesn't want “more” sexual attention. He's always wanted as much as he can get. It is up to you to make sure that even the smallest task is, in some way, sexual for him. Try telling him that if he will run to the store (do the dishes, or whatever you want him to do), you will give him some teasing at bed time. Or maybe, tell him to insert a small butt-plug before he performs the task. Another way might be to fondle his cock and balls for a few minutes (just enough to get him hard) while you tell him what you want him to do.

Another method might be to paddle him (or give some other punishment) if he fails to do what you ask. Many men will respond positively to discipline and/or punishment. You might even try spanking him before you tell him what you want him to do. Many men enjoy a little physical incentive.

Finally, are you using him for your own pleasure as much as you could be? One method of teasing a man in chastity, is to have him sexually please you. He will get aroused. Denying him relief afterwords, is an excellent way to prolong his “agony.”

Every man is different, but I have found most men who enjoy chastity, especially those who asked for it, really don't want to cum that often. Most of them fantasize about being denied an orgasm far longer than you might suspect. If you tease him until he begs to cum, and then allow it every time, you are not giving him what he really wants. If he has indicated that he would like to “try” longer periods of chastity (or denial), I suggest you give it to him.

If your partner has fantasies of long term denial, you should, by all means, make him wait longer between orgasms (his, not yours!). Don't tell him how long you are going to deny him, simply do it. If he asks when or if he can cum, tell him you have not decided, but that asking you about it just might make it longer. This should have a positive effect. If you have been giving him an orgasm every couple of weeks, or even once a month, try doubling the time between orgasms. By all means, DON'T tell him what you are doing. The more he doesn't know the more anticipation will build within him.

Trust me, if he seems greedy, you are not getting as much sexual attention as you should be. So go and get it!

Mistress Ivey


  1. I totally agree with every word. I will read this to my wife.
    Thank you.

  2. As usual more delightful insight into a man's mind.