Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drinking His Own Cum

I've written several blogs about this subject, but I have had questions from readers who claim their partner is reluctant to drink their own cum after an orgasm. Well, Ladies, this is completely normal. It all goes back to those evil physiological and mental changes that occur when a man has a full (normal) ejaculation.

Believe me, this is the reality of how men work. Many men secretly want to drink their own cum. Some will admit it, especially if they are very aroused. It does not mean that they harbor the secret desire to experience homosexual activities. If they refuse to do it after having a full orgasm, it doesn't mean that they were lying about their desires. It only means that they are normal when it comes to after-orgasm desires.

If your man is one of those who lose the desire to taste their own ejaculate, then there are some things you can do about it. First of all, take a look at the poll my slave (nemo) put on his blog. At this point in time, the poll is still running, but as of this moment, the outcome is obvious: Men want to be “forced” to obey. Armed with this knowledge, you may be able to get him to comply with your order to drink his cum. Be aware, you may still be met with resistance. But, in most cases, persistence may just get you what you want.

If he is still too resistant for your taste, here is a method that is sure to work. Don't let him have a normal orgasm. Instead, ruin two or three orgasms in a row (it shouldn't take long) and then tell him to drink the result of this milking. Since he has not actually experienced a normal orgasm, his sexual arousal should still be in effect and he will be more willing to comply. I use a small medicine cup, the type you get free with many liquid, over the counter, medications, to collect the results of this type of milking. Then it is easy (and less messy) to get him to drink it.

The milking (through ruined orgasms) method works very well simply because his desire for sexual release (and attention) are still very high. He will be more willing to do what you want than when you allow him a full orgasm.

Mistress Ivey


  1. I can't find the poll on Nemo's blog...

  2. You're right Mistress Ivey, men do want to be forced to obey. To drink their own cum, which they should always do. Or just about anything else. But I believe their reluctance, real or otherwise can be eliminated with training.

  3. I do find that eating my own cum a nice, simple act of submission. It helps to at least psychological ruin the orgasm a little. Definitely worthwhile to train a man to do this every time.

  4. Mistress Ivey,
    There is some very solid science behind the mood changes men experience after orgasm. My August 2010 blog entry at explains it in considerable detail. I would be interested in your take on it. It may explain many of the experiences you are having with Nemo while he is in chastity and after he is allowed to fully cum.

  5. I agree that I am willing to do it before an orgasm, but less willing to do so after. As for a "science" or such to support the idea, my positions on this is that it is a lore. As much as I deny any aspect of homosexuality, when I am horny, I am willing to do anthing. Later, nothing. The so-called milking without an orgasm is an urban myth. It might work for some men, but it is not general. Nice fantasy, but not real.