Sunday, October 21, 2018

First Reward

I remember quite clearly the first time Mistress Ivey rewarded me for something. I had been working very hard all day chopping wood for our fireplace. I chopped a half-cord. It had taken me the entire afternoon git that much, but I didn't want to quit until we had enough to fill the two quarter-cord racks we had bought the week before. I also new that I would eventually be required to fill the racks but I wanted to get it done before she asked. Mistress Ivey had gone a shopping trip with a few of her friends. I just took advantage of her absence to get the job done.

As a result of my efforts my body was very sore the next day. Being as that day was Sunday and we nothing else to do, Mistress said she wanted to reward me with a nice body massage. Of course that sounded pretty good to me. We owned a cheap massage table we had picked up at a yard sale. So, Mistress decided to use it.

I laid down on my stomach to start out. Of course, there were lots of sore muscles on my backside, and Mistress wanted to tend to those first. She did a great job of rubbing coconut scented massage oil into my skin. She took her time, too! She spent nearly half and hour on my back and legs. Then I was told to roll over...

This is where things really changed. Mistress bound my ankles and my wrists to he table. It surprised me because I wasn't expecting to be bound. That's when Mistress carefully removed my chastity cage. Yes, she took it clear off! It felt good for my cock to be out in the open air.

To make a long story short, Mistress massaged my legs, arms and chest before she ever touched my penis. Believe me, my mind and my body were confused. The massage relaxed me but my cock remained hard during the entire time. But,of course, she made a point of NOT touching my cock or balls..

I had been on the table for about an hour before Mistress told me that she was going to give me a reward. It had been about three months since my last ejaculation, and I was ready for whatever she had in mind. She spent a full hour toying with my body. Getting me ready to squirt, then stopping before I did. It was truly fantastic!

By the time she allowed me to ejaculate, I was literally begging her to let me do it. It was probably the best, most powerful ejaculations I had ever had. So take it from me, lengthy teasing can really pay off when it comes time ejaculate.



  1. I point out that the it's best to get one orgasm a day to prevent prostate cancer. Any mistress would treat her slave in his best interest.

    Best wishes,

    Marco (from Lindsay)

    1. I don't know what you read, or where you got your information, but... There is NO connection between prostate cancer and abstinence!!! But thanks for the comment.

    2. Marco,
      What is the source for this high rate of one orgasm per day you give? It sounds unnaturally high to me.
      Many chastity websites recommend to allow the man who is kept chaste at least one ejaculation per month, to give his system some flowthrough. But even for that rate the scientific evidence is thin, neither strongly in favor or against.
      We'll have to wait for better medical studies I guess, once chastity has become more accepted.

    3. Thanks Roberto,
      I was wondering the same thing when I that comment. I have NEVER hear that a guy has to ejaculate once a day to prevent ANYTHING! I suspect it was made up by him to get more ejaculations. But who really knows?

  2. Well, I can assure you....sorry guys...orgasms are NOT needed in order to prevent problems. Think of all the men who have had vasectomies. Their semen is NEVER released through orgasm. Semen is released into the blood stream instead.

    1. Slight correction...
      Sperm is released into the bloodstream, NOT semen. Semen is produced by the prostate and released upon ejaculation to nourish and provide lubrication for the sperm. After a vasectomy, the sperm is no longer routed to the prostate from the testes but the semen, produced by the prostate is still released.