Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-5)

So, by now you have a pretty good grasp of what Tease & Denial is all about. But there's more. Lots more, actually. However, this is the last in my “Teasing Methods” series. Here are a few ideas of things you can have him do when you want to be doing something else. That is, when you don't want to be bothered. Basically, these are things you can make him do by himself, so you don't have to.

So you are sitting at home, ready to watch your favorite TV show, or maybe a movie you have been waiting to see. In pops your partner wanting you to do something to tease him. Tell him to watch a porn video that will last until your show is over. Be sure you tell him NOT to ejaculate. Better yet, put him in chastity, at least for the time being. That way, you can be sure he won't have any unauthorized ejaculations.

You could try making him drop his pants right there in front of you. Have him masturbate while you watch your show. Or, if you are not that interested in the show, direct him. Tell him when to speed up and when to slow down, just to avoid that unwanted ejaculation. Yes, it requires a bit more involvement, but again, you don't have to direct him.

If you don't mind getting involved, have him do a strip tease for you. Make sure you capture that “Kodak” moment. Better yet, video record it. Don't forget to inform him that if he fails to follow instructions in the future, he may find those photos (or that video) on-line somewhere.

You can always have him tell you his deepest, darkest fantasy. He should include all the details. You don't want him to leave anything out. You want him to get turned on telling you about it. To make sure he is excited by his own fantasy, have him tell it to you while standing naked in front of you. Keep an eye on his erection. If there isn't one, have him manually create it for you.

Finally, here is one more thing you can do using your phone when he (or you) are at work or out shopping. Send him a text (or just call him) and tell him he has ten minutes to send you a photo of his erect penis. Yes, I said “erect.” This type of thing will not only keep him aroused all day, but it can be so much fun for you as well. Of course, there are many things you can have him do. Maybe even allow him that long awaited ejaculation he has been begging for.

There you have it. More than 20 ways to tease and deny your guy, that you can do without much fuss. In fact, you don't even have to get undressed for most of them. So have fun. And don't forget to tease him in some way, EVERY day!
Tease and denial is not something that requires you to be present or to dress up in sexy outfits just to keep your guy happy and obedient. Be yourself. Be happy. And most of all, keep him on edge! He will always be ready to give you as many orgasms as your heart desires.

Mistress Ivey

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