Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I have always been curious about something. What challenges would men most like to have become reality and which would they prefer to keep only as fantasies?

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you see photos and stories about submissive (or chastised) men being subjected to all sorts of humiliating situations. I mean, you see it all the time in captioned photos, erotic stories are filled with humiliating situations such as, being naked or dressed as a French maid at a party full of women (and or men). Men being forced to commit homosexual acts, and even men being exposed in pubic.

I know how my own husband feels about most of these situations. After all, he loves humiliation of this kind. But what do YOU think about them. Do you only fantasize about be bound to a chair while watching your wife have wild sex with another man? Or is that something you would love to actually do? Would you want to be “forced” into joining in, maybe sucking his cock? Or would you prefer to suck this cum out of your wife's vagina?

Maybe, to you, simply having your wife (or Mistress) sit on the couch and instruct you how to masturbate for her is a only a fantasy. But would you like it to be real? Or would that be too much for you?

These and other questions have always intrigued me. I know how difficult it can be to convey to your spouse that you would actually enjoy being “forced” to do some of them. After all, if you tell that, won't it ruin the fantasy? I mean, let's face it, being “forced” into doing humiliating things, no matter what they may be, is a common fantasy, but if you have to tell your wife that, it no longer feels forced when she does it. Am I right? So how does she know? If you can't come right out and tell her what your heart desires, how is she to fulfill all thos fantasies of yours?

It's a dilemma that many men face. My suggestion, would simply be to send her some fantasies n writing, or have her read fantasies that contain things you would love to experience. You don't have to tell her that's what you want, simply explain how very much those stories turn you on. She will get the picture.

I am asking you all to do me a BIG favor. Fill out BOTH polls in the right-hand column. This will not only help me to understand where the majority of you stand on these things, but it might enlighten many women at the same time. Remember, nothing personal is ever recorded by these polls. No only information these polls collect is whether your PC has completed the poll or not. They are completely anonymous! So I urge you to fill them out, PLEASE!?

Mistress Ivey


  1. Happy to vote, hon - I am all about the 2nd poll. :)

  2. Intriguing. I find that is is not the specific activity that stimulates me but the knowledge that my wife enjoys it and is being very dominant about it. I really crave her control.

  3. I find it helps me to only fantasize about a) things that I would like to actually do, and b) things that Mrs Edge might do to me.

  4. I`m such a sub

  5. OK 6 o or 7 inches in my mouth Girls do it and i love girls i wish I could be more like them. girls have the best clothes .Any way I stuck it in my butt . It`s just plastic. Tried for 15 min Could not get hard . I need a Mistress .

  6. I love it in the ass and i`ll sub for it you can film it if you want i`ll suck it to get it hard and then pound my ass into it. I like to dress up and be a sissy. I love thinking about you would do with mr.


  8. Delícia,muito gostosa bela e está no jeito pra pegar, que tesão linda, estou assim aqui,beijos. ..