Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Get Real

I have written many fantasies, listened to,and read, many more. Fantasies are a wonderful thing, but... After all is said and done, they are still just fantasies. Many men fantasize about the “Perfect FLR” and what it would be like to live under the control of a powerful woman. But we all must live in a reality-based world.

So what is the reality of the “Perfect FLR”? What is truly practical, achievable, and logically livable FLR? These are questions that each couple must answer for themselves. But it must be done as a couple, not a single person.

Any couple who desires to move their relationship from a male controlled to a female controlled one, needs to be able to sit down and openly, and honestly discuss their expectations. If you can't talk with your partner about such things as sexual activity, daily routines, discipline and possibly punishment, then you have no business entering into such a relationship.

Many men I have spoken with over the past ten years, think they can simply turn over total, unilateral control of every aspect of their lives to their spouse without fear of failure. Let's be honest. That would be very impractical. Not just impractical, but irresponsible.

Please, if you truly want to shift your relationship to a female led one, put aside your fantasies, and look at everything openly and honestly. Be honest with yourself. If you simply can't, for whatever reason, wear a chastity device more than seven days in a row, say that. Don't fool yourself into thinking that your partner will automatically know this and never put you into a chastity device for any longer than that.
Fantasies are great. But let's be honest, fantasies are scary. That's their appeal. But you need to temper your fantasies with a healthy dose of reality. Please.

Mistress Ivey

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  1. Open, honest, hide nothing, the only way to go. This male after several months, laying in bed, enjoying her breast, like most men, she asked if I had a hidden sexual desire, I looked at her and she quickly noticed my erection. You do she said reaching down to hold it. Spankings is all I said, and she said giving or getting, getting I said and she smiled. My rules she said stroking it, fine with me. It was several days later, I was stepping out of the shower and she said my rules. Oh it was heaven across her lap, she was not playing, it was a real spanking. Fantasies are scary but face them and decide afterwards.