Sunday, April 10, 2016

What? Again?

My husband and I have been working on a new website. Really? I thought you were sick? Yes, well... The ideas are mine, he does all the work.

Many of you have not participated in the poll I posted last week. It's a little disappointing, but I can understand. After all, you have no information on which to base your vote. Well, let me change all that.

I have always had too many men wanting me to be their Mistress... Their Keyholder, as it were. My problem was, and still is, I don't really have time to keep up with all the basic requirements of handling a submissive. I am sure that many of you other Ladies feel the same way. I mean, you have to be ready at a moments notice to assign tasks, dole out punishments, and think of new things for your submissive to do, just to keep him happy. Not to mention trying to keep up with your own day to day activities.

Well, I found a solution. My poor husband has had to be a guinea-pig for all this. Anyway, I looked at all the things I had to do just to keep up with one or two subs through email. All the daily chores, tasks, and what have you, and I came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to keep more than a very few (1 or 2) male subs, especially chastity subs, happy. No one can do it. Until now...

The new website we are working on will be my way of keeping up with all the daily demands of a chastity slave. Many chastity slaves. And even those who don't want to be in chastity, but want someone to control their orgasms. I can personally monitor my sub's progress, obedience, willingness to put forth the effort. So that I know when he has earned an orgasm. What have I done? I automated!

Our new website will allow me to personally monitor literally hundreds of subs at one time. I have created (well I had the ideas, nemo had to find ways to implement them) a way for subs to get their tasks, try to earn an orgasm, and still get some personal attention now and then. It gives them incentive to know that someone is watching, even sight unseen.

So how does this new system work?” You ask. Simple. Every day, a sub signs into the website. He goes to the Daily Task Master to get his task for the day. Sometimes he will receive it right then and there, on the spot, as it were. Other times, the Task Master will require that the sub play a game. In the game, the sub will have to perform several small tasks in order to get to the BIG task that awaits. Now that “Big Task” might be something as simple as putting on or removing a chastity device. Then again, it might be something much more daring! But whatever task he is finally assigned will be reported to me on a daily basis.

The point is, I can still give individual attention to any particular sub who I see is doing well. Now, of course, he doesn't have to show up EVERY day. But if he misses too many, or fails to complete his tasks, I will know about it. That's the cool part. But YOU are his Mistress, you say. And I say, then be a part of this program.

You can always monitor your own guy, as much or as little as you deem necessary. Send him to me on those days when you are too busy to keep up with everything. Take him in hand, if you like, and run the program yourself while using the program to determine his Daily Tasks. Have fun watching him perform as he plays the games. Laugh at him when he answers a question incorrectly and has to do something as a consequence.

The best part is, I will always be watching. He will always know that I am watching. If he fails to do his tasks, I will know and I can step in and correct him, if need be. I will even send him an email from time to time when he has been especially good, or bad.

If you, as his Mistress (or just his “in control” wife) want to be involved, great! That's exactly what I am hoping for. Let me assign his tasks and you make sure that he completes them and on time. If he doesn't, I will have ways to punish him as well.

All in all, I think this will be a great way for all of us to get what we need. I can get a little relief from knowing that, no matter how many subs I have, they will be getting the attention they need. You can rest assured that when you want to be entertained, or don't have time to handle his daily tasks, I will be there to back you up.

There will be a blog where I can give advice and information that might be useful to you. Subs will, sometimes be required to write out their fantasies. So hopefully, this will end up being a wealth of information and ideas for any Mistress to use.

Mistress Ivey


  1. Sounds interesting. Hopefully my wife will approve and participate.

  2. My Wife keeps me locked all the time, so I'm hoping there will be an easy way of roping her into this?

  3. Excellent idea!