Thursday, April 21, 2016

An Addendum

Yes, we have moved! But we have upgraded the New Website as well.

We now accept BOTH male and Female submissives and Keyholders!

When we first began this project, it was just a concept to bring male subs  and female dominants

together. But with a little tweaking her and there, we were able to adapt everything to hand female subs and male dominants as well.

Now we truly have a website for just about everyone who is into D/s relationships but has not (yet) found the right counterpart to their particular desires. So if you are into D/s and want to put a little more spice into your life, or just need someone to be a yang to your yeng, we can help!

Everyone is invited! Join us and have fun even if you are deep into a healthy D/s relationship of your own. You can BOTH join and have a lifetime of fun together!

Mistress Ivey


  1. Sorry to see you going to an all-pay format. It would be nice to see this free blog continue. But in the end, I guess you need to make some money off all of it. Thanks for your inspiration and advice. Will have to rely on the Real Women Don't Do Housework and a couple of other sites now.

    1. The reason I am not subscribing has nothing to do with the cost itself. I don't want a record on my credit card of something which, whether we feel that way or not, will be regarded as a porn site. So ends my following of your material. This is the same anonymous as above.

  2. Thank you for setting up your new site. I have registered and I am really enjoying the community that you have developed.

    I believe it was very wize Mistress Ivey to require a nominal registration fee. I think this will make the experience better for the individuals who are serious about pursuing their submissive or Dominant roles.

    I have found the group to be very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Thank you,

  3. I have come to this website via Submissive Husband in Phoenix, I am definitely going to love this site with a wealth of information. Here in the UK we do not have blogs such as this.