Friday, May 11, 2012

Changing It Up

As a Mistress (or even just as a wife in charge) I like to shake things up from time to time. After all, variety is, as they say, the spice if life. So for the last week (and the next week or so) I have changed how I tease my slave's cock. I know, I have long professed that one should tease her partner's cock for short periods, several times a day. And I still stand by that for most couples. However, if you have a week or two off-work (holiday) you might want to try something new.

The reason I say you need to be on vacation (or holiday for our UK friends) is that what I am about to suggest requires you both to have several hours available for cock teasing each day. What I have been doing is to tease his cock two to three times a day for an hour each time. Now this is serious cock teasing. I am not talking about just getting him hard and then sending him on his way. Oh, no! I am talking about laying him out on the bed, on a table, or just sitting him (pant-less) in a chair.

Once you have your guy where you want him, you want to tease his cock with very light touches. I don't actually stroke his cock. I simply run my fingertips (or fingernails) up and down the length of his cock, or over his balls, or his inner thighs, or anywhere that that turns him on. Once in awhile I will run my fingers over the tip of his cock in order to spread all that precum he has been dripping around a bit. Of course, the whole point is NOT to bring him even close to ejaculating.

By touching him so gently (and slowly, by-the-way) he never even reaches an edge. The end result is to drive him crazy with desire without giving him enough stimulation to get to the edge of cumming. The over all goal is the same as the shorter sessions I have always talked about, to keep him aroused and thinking of me (or you, as the case may be).

If you are like me, and really love just playing with his cock, then this will give you both something different to try when you have the time. I normally do this kind of teasing once in the morning, once in the afternoon and finally, once at bedtime. Of course, you can do it more or less according to the time you have available. But I do recommend you do it at least twice a day.

It's also up to you how you want to end the last session of each day. I prefer to keep him from his ejaculation. But of course, you can always ruin it or even allow him a full orgasm, if you like. If you can't find the time during the week to do this, try it on a weekend, sometime. Let me know how it works for you and your partner. I would be interested in hearing about the results others may get.

Mistress Ivey

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