Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slow Edging

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I have been a long time proponent of long, slow teasing of a man's cock. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to slowly, gently work a man's cock in my hands until he just can't stand any more. I'm not talking about a ten or fifteen minute session here. No, I am talking about a thirty, sixty or even ninety minute session. Something that your guy will be sure to remember for the rest of his life!

If you will take a look at this video, you see what I am talking about. While the video in question is only about thirteen minutes long, it could just as easily have been continued for as long as the woman wanted it to. But you will get the idea of how to do this if you pay attention to how she keeps her guy on the edge without allowing him an orgasm. Never mind that she eventually ruins his orgasm at the end. The important parts of the video take place long before the end.

If you watch closely, you see a number of times when she coaxes some pre-cum from her man's cock. Go ahead, watch the video and count the number times you can actually see this. I'll wait...

This video is an excellent example of how to keep your guy on the edge while teasing him to distraction. My only complaint is that she does not talk to him very much at all. In order to turn your guy on even more, try talking about one of his favorite fantasies. Pick on that he might actually want to come true and tell him how you are going to make that happen. Tell him who will be involved, when it might happen, give him as many details of his fantasy as you can to make him believe it. Trust me, he will be more excited than you can imagine.

Watch the video, then have fun with your guy. It will be worth the effort.

Mistress Ivey


  1. The link doesn't exist anymore, Mistress.

    1. I changed the link. It should work, but is a different video.