Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Teasing

Okay, you have your husband, boyfriend, sub or whatever he is in the palm of your hand (instead of his own). But how can you keep him interested in pleasing you all day, everyday? You need to come up with some ideas on how you can tease him, humiliate him, or just plain make him think about getting into bed with you all day long. Here are a few ideas to get you started. If you use them, or find some of your own, please write me and tell me all about it.

While he is at work:
  • Make him wear a pair of woman's panties to work under his regular clothes. Believe me, he will think about you all day!
  • Send him text messages at random times telling him erotic things, such as, how much you want to suck his cock, or in what way you want him to give you an orgasm.
  • While you're at it, have him stop by your favorite sex shop and pick up something that will embarrass him to buy. A blowup doll, perhaps?
  • Call him on his cell phone and have him go to the rest room and masturbate while he is talking to you. Don't allow him to cum, but make sure he has to do some talking that will embarrass him if anyone should overhear.
  • Have him put a plug in his butt for an hour or two. Or put one in before he goes to work and call him to tell him when he can take it out.
  • Stick a pair of your panties in his pocket and tell him to smell them several times during the day. Maybe when you call or text him?

When he is at home:
  • Make him spend the day naked while doing chores.
  • Make him masturbate for you but don't allow him to cum.
  • Make him beg to kiss your ass.
  • Put a leash on his cock and lead him around the house.
  • Make him satisfy you orally several times during the day.
  • Tie him to a chair and tease his cock for hours on end.

If you have kids at home:
  • Call him into your bedroom several times during the day. Fondle or suck on his cock until it's really hard then tell him he can go.
  • Whisper in his ear that he is to go into your room and make himself hard. Have him call you when he has done it so that you can check the results.
  • Take him to the bathroom and make him masturbate for you. Just don't let him cum.
  • Send him to the store with a butt-pug in place.
  • Make him wear a pair of woman's panties then stick your hand down his pants periodically and fondle his cock or ass through the panties.
  • If you have two computers in the house, use your IM's to chat and build a fantasy together.
There you have it. I am sure that you can come up with some of your own ideas and I would love to hear about them. Please write me and tell me all about them. You can catch me at as well.

Mistress Ivey

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