Wednesday, November 28, 2018

First Public Display

Public display is not something every woman wants to do to her chastity boy. However, I thought it worth writing about because many couples do it at some time in their relationship.

The first time I was to be “Displayed” to another woman was announced a full month before it was to happen. I am quite sure that was done to help Mistress build up my anticipation before the event. I was told that on a certain date (a month away) I would be performing in front of one of Mistress' best friends, we will call her “Miss Barb”. I was aware that Miss Barb knew of our relationship, but I had never been required to do ANYTHING of a sexual nature in front of another person.

For an entire month, every day, Mistress would say something about the expected “Display” date. She would tell me things that she “could” do, if she so desired. Things like, Give me a prostate milking, have me masturbate for Miss Barb, or even let Miss Barb play with my caged (or uncaged) privates. I sort of knew that I was going to end up naked at some point while Miss Barb was there, but I had no idea to what extent that would be.

When the day finally arrived, I was as nervous (yes I am going to say it) as a long-tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs. It was around eleven o'clock when Miss Barb arrived at the front door. I answered it (fully dressed) and led Miss Barb into the living room where Mistress was waiting. I was told to stand in front of the television at parade rest until Mistress was ready for me. I have to tell you, the anticipation of what “might” happen, was making my caged penis expand as far as it could. I would have been crying if I had any kind of points in the cage.

Mistress and her guest talked about me. Yes, me, while I was standing right there. Every time mistress would tell her about something she had done to me, or made me do, Miss Barb would look at me while Mistress talked. Now, I wasn't naked, yet, but I knew I soon would be. I was wearing a pair of shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt. That was all I had on.

Eventually it finally happened. Mistress told me to remove my cloths and stand in front of Miss Barb so that she could examine my cage. Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed and my cock was trying its best to get hard. In fact, it was growing quite painful. That's when Mistress noticed how tight the cage was and decided to remove it. But instead of removing it her self, she gave the key to Miss Barb and had her remove my cage. It did not come off easily. In fact, Miss Barb had to tug quite hard to get it off my swollen penis. When she did, my cock sprang up to its full size and stiffened up immediately.

By the time I was dismissed from the room, I had been subjected to a careful examination by Miss Barb along with a demonstration of how to tie a piece of twine to my cock and balls (mild CBT). I was toyed with for well over an hour before being dismissed. Of course, Mistress had to demonstrate how to shrink a cock down so that the cage would go on easily... Ice!

All in all, it was quite an arousing experience. One which was to be repeated with Miss Barb at a later date. Maybe I will tell you about that some time.



  1. The picture would be what I would think would happen. I would be caught outside masturbating and my girlfriend and her mother catch me. I have to finish masturbating while both make comments and wonder what will happen next. Jack

    1. Thanks, Jack!
      My fear has always been having to masturbate either in public or semi-public. The spanking (paddling) is something I could handle, it's just the embarrassment of masturbating in front another person or persons that would be both erotic and embarrassing to me.

    2. Masturbating in front of others would be the worse, but I dream of that happening. The interesting part is that I always have a girlfriend or wife and her mother present. A mature woman just adds and having been spanked a couple of times by older women, know that they truly know how to spank. I also think females have a control reaction to seeing men masturbating, it is a control thing I feel. Jack

  2. A dream of mine, wanting to be spanked that this was the last resort. My girlfriend I confided in and she said no way. Had visited her mother's a few times, she would smile and say you need a spanking and leave it at that. In my dream a weekend visit I awoke early on Saturday morning went out in the garden and finding a secluded spot, wearing only my underpants I took them off and started to think of a spanking and soon was hard and stroking and enjoying it. A voice startles me and there stood my girlfriends mother and my girlfriend. Her mother stern voice said that is disgusting young man and at your age. My daughter told me you wanted her to spank you, is this what you want to happen, why you are doing this young man. I looked at her and quickly covered myself and said nothing. My daughter may have said no, but I assure you, once I'm done give you a spanking, you will think long and hard, understand. Yes Mam I said. But first finish what you started, I said in front of both of you. I felt a hard spank to my bare bottom and did as told. I finally cum and stood there, get in the house NOW the mother said and I quickly did as told. Dear the mother said to her daughter a wash cloth and my hairbrush, Yes Mother.
    Standing in the front room,thinking twice about this spanking I said nothing. The mother cleaned me off and I did not move. Her the hairbrush Mother and looking at it, it was large. Over my lap young man and I did as told. Oh she could spank, and that hairbrush got my attention. Squirming, kicking, I felt that hairbrush warm and sting my bare bottom. Enjoying the spanking young man, No Mam I said. You wanted a spanking did you not, Yes Mam, well you getting one for being a very naughty little boy. When she finally stop I could not move and she stood me up. A very nice red bottom would you not say Dear and my girlfriend smiled and said very red. I just stood there saying nothing. Your turn Dear the mother said to her daughter, he asked you to spank him, he has earned a spanking has he not dear. Young man my girlfriend said, over my lap, I looked and said please no more, it hurts, I'll be good. Now she said and over her lap I went. I was crying, dancing around the room and went told not to face the wall, but to stand in the middle of the room, no rubbing, hands at side I did. Going to play with yourself again the Mother asked, No Mam. Still wish to date my daughter, Yes Mam. Dear do you still want to date this naughty little boy, Yes Mother. You keep the hairbrush, you will need it, Thank Mother. Looking at my girlfriend, the way she was holding the hairbrush, I knew I was going to feel it many times. I finally got dressed, a pillow while eating. We left late Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend driving, her Mother looked at me and said you best behave, and when you visit my home, my rules and I will spank, understand, yes Mam. The drive to our apartment was quiet. Once in our apartment my girlfriend let into me and said oh I will be giving you spankings, you best do as told, understand, Yes Dear. Oh it is not Dear, when you need a spanking you will address me as Mommy. Yes Mommy.

  3. That hairbrush gets my attention and she calls her Mother after a spanking and gives details.

  4. Also the older women will insure that caught masturbating you will think twice. Nothing worse than having to finish what you started as they watch. Once I finish have found they enjoy cleaning you and sometimes not too easy. All spankings after masturbating hurt like hell and the mature woman will insure you have trouble sitting and remember. After a spanking they will point out how small and limp it is. After one spanking I stood holding it.

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  6. You do stupid things when you are young. I was dating this wonderful girl, her mother and I got along, she liked me, at times consider me her son. I so wanted to be spanked by her, a desire I had for along time, just wanted a spanking, and she,well something about her. I was outside, my girlfriend and I agree no sex visiting her mother, I needed to insure that and so I hid behind the shack in the backyard, don't know why I needed to be naked and was stroking my erection. When I heard Young Man I froze, the mother stood there, my girlfriend also and I stood holding my penis. The mother looked at me, I told you that I think of you as my son, I said yes, well then young man get your hands away from your pee pee. She grabbed my arm and led me back to the house scolding me the whole way. We will be back shortly she said to her daughter as I was taken to the bedroom. Please, I'm sorry I said as she picked up the hairbrush, oh you will be young man. You best get over my lap, or should I call my daughter. I went over her lap and I was squirming, kicking, pleading, but when she decided my bottom was red enough she stopped. Good she said no erection, a nice red bottom. Back to the front room, my girlfriend given me a look I never seen before. The mother handed the hairbrush to her daughter, you might be needing this, Thanks Mother. I stood rubbing, looking at them both. No rubbing, and you just stand there young man the mother said. I don't know how long I stood there, but when my girlfriend said over her lap, i pleaded, but when her mother stood up I quickly did. Her mother told her to spank hard and fast. The drive home I sat in the passenger seat squirming, not saying anything, the hairbrush on the dashboard.

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  9. I have had the opportunity to do such, my mother-in-law lives in the country, she is single, old school woman. I took the opportunity to do such, my wife caught me in the act, she called her mother and I stood there between the two. My mother-in-law just grabbed my arm and to the wood shed we went. That walk back to the house, my bottom on fire, my penis limp and she applying that paddle to my bottom all the way. Once inside she handed it to my wife and was quickly over her lap and pleading, begging, and promising never to do it again. My mother-in-law was still mad the next day, I had chores to do, that evening standing before my wife and mother-in-law I was given another scolding. When we got home my wife informed me of the new rules and spankings were going to be the norm.