Wednesday, February 28, 2018


If you don't know how to masturbate raise your hands... Both of them.
Somehow I knew there would be no hands up. But that's NOT what this post is about. This post is about using masturbation as a form of tease and denial (T&D).

For a man, only another person (a woman?) can please him sexually more than he can please himself. Not so with a woman. We are lucking in that. Usually, a woman can please herself more than anyone else. So I think it is safe to say, if there is not a woman involved in your sex-life, then you are doing something wrong!

Ladies, I know you don't always want, or even have the time, to give your guy the attention he wants. Notice I didn't say “needs.” He ALWAYS wants more than he can handle. It's the nature of the beast. So here are ideas to keep you from having to do all the work and still feeling like it's never done.

If you are tired, or just not really in the mood for sex, order your partner to masturbate. You can have him do it in front of you, if you like. Or you can have him do it in private while watching his favorite video on the Internet. Just be sure you make him show you his ejaculate and be sure to make him consume it in front of you. This is all just to remind him who is in charge.

At other times, when you are feeling the need for a good orgasm (or five or six) but don't want to deal with pleasing him, try this one. Have him stand near you while you relax and masturbate yourself. He could be bound to a chair and be forced to watch or he can hand you various items you need to complete your session.

Either way, you can use masturbation, his or yours, to your advantage. Believe me, either way, it can be used as a way to reinforce your control over him all while you enjoy yourself. He will enjoy it, too! Especially if you have him locked in chastity while you masturbate. He will love every second of it!

Mistress Ivey


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  3. Thank you so for being there for me

  4. Mistress Ivey, thank you so mutch for your post every weak it gives me something to look foward to.I love it when your boot comes down.

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  6. Once, while watching a game on tv, my wife calmly walked in with a cup of tea, turned off the television, sat down, and said, "I'll turn it back on after you've jerked off and swallowed your cum for me." She then sat back with a smile.

    I did it as fast as I could, showing her my stuff and then licking my hand clean. "Good boy," she said, turning the tv back on and leaving the room.

    Now THAT was a super bowl!

  7. So very true, my college roomate, we are married and she and I were meant for one another. Her mother is wonderful and so glad to have another daughter, I'm so glad to have her. She likes to mother us, we both enjoy it. At her home, one rule, no sexual fun, still not use to us being married. We did once, she caught us, punishment was a spanking. Afterwards we both found the enjoyment of such, we now find ways for being spanked, her mother knows, the spankings are very hard.