Monday, March 28, 2016

Implements of Pain & Pleasure

*** Before I get started I just wanted to say that I am feeling better. not quite back to normal, but much better than before. If your Doctor tells you to rest... Do it!

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I have talked about discipline and punishment over the years. Now I want to familiarize you with some of the tools (toys as they are called) used punish or just play with. Bare in mind, these are all items that can be used for both pleasure as well as inflicting pain. It all depends on what you use and how you use it.

There are many items designed to be used more for play (pleasure) that won't cause much pain, if any. This is generally because of the materials used in their manufacture. Other items are designed to inflict more pain. These can be used very effectively for punishment, but may also be used to create pleasure, depending on how they are used. For example, any flogger can be used to create pleasure simply by dragging it across the skin without hitting. You can also giggle the handle so that the ends of the tails 'dance' over the skin creating a very pleasurable sensation.

Basically, it all depends on what you are looking for and for exactly what purpose it will be used that should guide your decision as to what items you want to put in your 'toy-box.' I will do my best to describe a few items and their uses in order to make your decision easier.

Let's start with a basic paddle. There are an abundance of paddles on the market, but if you want one that will cause pain for disciplinary purposes, don't waste your money on a big expensive one. What you need is something between one and three inches in width, and about a foot long. Yes, a wooden ruler works very well, ask any Catholic school boy. The slim width will actually cause a more stinging type of pain than than anything larger. It should be light weight enough to make it easy to swing without wearing you out. How hard you hit should be determined by the severity of the misbehavior. There is one in my store called the 'Singapore Stinger' which I use. I like it because it is small, easy to use and makes my point very clear.

While we are on the subject of paddles, if your favorite hair brush has a flat backside, it makes an excellent paddle. You can even strike fear into your partner's heart every time you tell him to retrieve it for you (even if you just want to brush your hair). If you don't have one with a flat back, buy one!

If you are interested in floggers, there is much more to know. For example, do you want it sting, or to thud? A thuddy flogger is heavy and can tire you out long before any real pain is inflicted. It can, however, cause a nice red glow to the buttocks. If your flogger is leather, here are some basic rules to follow. The wider the tails, the less pain they cause. If the tips come to a point, they can cause a little more pain. The more tails a flogger has, the less pain it will cause, it will be thuddier. The narrower the tails, the sharper the pain. Also, the fewer tails the more sting it will bring. As for the length of the tails, it really makes little difference. Whatever is most comfortable for you. However, you want the end of the tails to strike the middle of your target. If they wrap around the curve of your target, they speed up and can cause severe pain.

What about canes? Well, actually, just about any stick will work as a cane. The thicker the material, the stiffer the cane. The thinner the more flexible the cane. Now, which hurts more? It all depends on how you use it. Hit hard and the stiff cane will leave deeper marks (bruises). The more flexible the cane the easier it is to draw welts. Both can hurt, but the flexible canes tend to cut first and bruise later. So if you tend to hit hard, I would suggest a thicker cane, one less flexible. You can test the flexibility of any particular cane by whipping it around. You will see what I mean once you try it. You can try out some wooden canes at your local hardware store. Tell them you are looking for some wooden dowel rods. They come in many thicknesses. Try them out, then decide which will work for you.

Riding crops are excellent for both play and punishment. A riding crop is a flexible stick with a leather broad leather tip. The shaft may be wrapped in leather, nylon, or nothing. The nice part about riding crops is that they can be used like a cane or you can slap the leather tip on the skin. It can be used gently or severely depending on how hard you swing it and where the blow lands. You want to aim for the soft fleshy areas, like the bottom. Although, if you swing it moderately, you can strike just about any where (except the face) that you like. It is considered a mistresses main weapon of choice. But you decide.

Last but not least, the Wartenburg Wheel. Though not generally used for punishment, it certainly can be. This is a small metal medical instrument with a handle and a metal wheel with points all around it. As you roll across the skin, the amount of pain (or pleasure) you feel depends on the amount of pressure you apply. It's such a simple device it is very often overlooked as means of punishment. But believe me, it works very well! Wartenburg wheels are usually inexpensive, about $10-$12 dollars. So don't think just because they are a medical device that they will cost you an arm or a leg. They won't.

I am NOT going to talk about single-tail whips because they take a great deal of practice to master. One mistake and your prey will be bleeding profusely. So I don't recommend them to anyone.

Mistress Ivey

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