Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Using Fantasy Effectively

There are things that your partner wants you to do to him, things he wants you to make him do, humiliating things, things he cannot tell you about. So how do you know what these things are? His fantasies!

Every man has sexual fantasies. It's a fact. In many of those fantasies he is “forced” to do things he would never do on his own. Things like cross-dressing, bi-sexual activities, and other humiliating things. These things are his secret fantasies. They are secret because he would be humiliated to tell you about them.

So how do find out what they are? You must find a way for him to relate his innermost secret fantasies. Those things he can't come right out and tell you. A good way to find out some of these fantasies is have him write you stories, or send you links to some stories online. Another way is to ask him to send you some erotic photos that depict things he fantasizes about.

However you get him to reveal his fantasies makes little difference. But you MUST get him to reveal them. Once you know what he secretly wants, then you can start to use his fantasies to get deeper into his mind. Does he actually want to do those things? Or does he just enjoy fantasizing about them?

Are his fantasies about something you don't want to do, such as cuckolding? Then keep them as fantasies, but use them in your tease sessions by saying things that will lead him to think you might actually do them. So what if he thinks being forced to suck another man's cock would be thrilling? It wouldn't hurt you to say something like, “I would love to invite our neighbor, Bob, over and make you suck his cock, sometime.” Now, would it? If you get a positive reaction from him, you can continue the fantasy by adding, “I'll bet Bob would love it.” You might even say something like, “Maybe I'll ask him about it.”

Maybe you want to lead him into a fantasy of your own. Just suppose you wanted to have sex with another woman, or your husband wants to see you do it. Create a fantasy and tell him about it during your next tease session. Say, “I have been thinking of asking Karen to have sex with me.” That plants the fantasy. Continue with, “Would you like to be tied to a chair so you can watch while we do it?”

You can lead him anywhere you want with this kind of fantasy talk. Even if you never make any of them come true, you will have a great way to get, and keep, him aroused. Use it anytime. Even in those text messages you send him. Send him a photo of two women in bed together. Or, better yet, send him a photo of you and “Karen” kissing. It doesn't have to be a romantic kiss. A kiss on the cheek will do. After all, he already has the fantasy. You are just re-enforcing it for him.

Using fantasies is the best method of teasing a man that I know of. It is easy to do. It can be done anytime, anywhere. Try it. You'll love it.

Mistress Ivey

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  1. great post! men are always waiting for making their fantasies come true. Kisses mistress