Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fantasy Submissions

I want to thank all those who have (or will) submit fantasies for my upcoming book series. It is beginning to look like the first volume will be out by March (I hope). So far, I have received a good many stories, or fantasies if you will, from my readers. I need many more if we are to make this series successful.
I have received many questions about the subject matter. In answer to those questions, all I can say is, if it relates to Female Dominance (Femdom), then I will be happy to review it. So keep those stories coming and I will keep working on them. It doesn't matter whether you think you are a good writer or not. After all, I will be editing them. I will need as many stories as you can write.
Come on Ladies! I know that many of you can write. I have read your blogs! And I am sure there are many of you who may have stories of funny things that have happened, or erotic things that you have done with your subby. So far, I have received only one submission from a women. We need to give the world a better idea of what we are all about.
Again, thanks to all of you who have submitted fantasies already.
Mistress Ivey


  1. Mistress Ivey, I am a fan of your work and am working on a juicy little tidbit for you. Any preferred length for these stories? A deadline would be good to keep me on track.


    Mistress L

    1. Thank you! If you really need a deadline, how about a week from today?
      If you need any other information click on the "Submit a Story" tab above or go to: