Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teaching Through Teasing

Over the last year and half I have described many games you can play to make your tease and denial relationship even better. Well, I have another game you can play, especially if you are feeling particularly wicked! The object of this game is to teach your guy to NEVER ask for an orgasm.

Before you begin this game you should have a goal in mind for your denied partner. A chastity device of some kind would be a big help in this game. Let's say, for argument sake, the longest your guy has gone without an orgasm is one month. Don't tell your partner anything about this game you are going to play. That's a secret. Your goal should be to make him wait longer for that orgasm than he has ever waited before and to learn not to ask for an orgasm, no matter what his options are.

Once you have a goal in mind, you are ready to begin. Go ahead and tease his cock using whatever method you like. Shortly before he is ready to cum, ask your partner to choose between two or three options. One option should be to give you pleasure (in his favorite way), or have an orgasm. Now that would seem like a rhetorical question, but he may surprise you. If he says he wants the orgasm, you decide if he deserves it or not. If you are trying to teach him not to ask for an orgasm, he has failed.

If he has not reached the goal you set for him, then then he gets no orgasm and will have to please you in your favorite way. If he chooses the 'please you' option, then don't let him cum before you stop and give him his reward for making a good choice.

If he chooses the orgasm and he has reached his goal, give him a ruined orgasm and tell him that you want him to wait a little longer. Then he can please you in whatever way you want. Another option is to punish him for asking for the orgasm and deny it anyway.

The point of this game is to teach him not to ask for any orgasms. After all, he should know that his purpose is to please you, not himself. Of course, there are many ways of teaching him this lesson without telling him what's going on. For example, if you think he deserves an orgasm, but has not learned his lesson, make him masturbate for you and ruin his own orgasm.

If you think about it, I am sure you can come up with many diabolical ways to deny him the full orgasm he really wants. Just remember the rules of the game. They are simple; Don't tell him what you are doing; Don't allow him a full orgasm until he has learned NOT to ask for them, even when given the option.

You can always make the options more difficult. Try offering him a paddling, or no teasing for a week, or even wearing women's under garments to work for a week. Anything other than an orgasm as the second option. Once he has learned his lesson (never to ask for an orgasm) you could offer him anything and he will not take the orgasm option.

It should also be obvious that you can teach your partner anything you want him to learn through denial. Just make sure he never gets that orgasm until he learns his lesson.

Mistress Ivey

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