Friday, November 4, 2011

More On P.O.T.

The term “Post Orgasm Torture,” in itself, sounds almost horrible. Let's face it, any time you use the word “torture” you conjure up all sorts of medieval, horrific images. So I will just call it “Post Orgasm Torment.” I think that is a less terrifying phrase.

I have run across many women who don't understand exactly what I mean by POT, so let me clarify exactly what I am talking about. To put it bluntly, the head of a man's cock becomes extremely sensitive immediately after he cums. You may have discovered this yourself, probably by accident. Or you may have never experience it. Take heart, every man has this sensitivity.

It seems that the vagina is actually too well lubricated for normal intercourse to effectively produce the torment we are talking about here. Most men can continue to thrust their penis in and out of a woman after they ejaculate until their erection shrinks on it's own, without any discomfort at all. That's because there is so much lubrication (including his own semen) that he really can't feel anything. At least not on the head of his cock.

Let me warn you, if you engage in POT, your partner will (if you are doing it right) become almost violent. The problem is not that you are hurting him, it's simply that the extreme sensitivity makes them react in any way they can to stop it. It's like being held down and tickled. If you have ever been tickled until it became so intense that you find yourself fighting to stop it, well, you have experienced a little of what POT can be for the average male.

Most males, especially those who have not experienced much POT will not be able to control their reactions to it. Basically, what you will be doing is tickling them in the most sensitive spot on their entire body! In spite of what it may seem (or he may tell you) it does NOT hurt them. They will do absolutely anything to make you stop. They will scream, they will squirm, they will beg, and, in fact, try to make you believe that you are seriously hurting them. But in spite of what they do, or say, the fact is, you are tickling them.

Now that you know the truth about POT, let's talk about the best way to torment them post orgasm. Because of their potentially violent reaction, I strongly recommend that you (at the very least) bind their hands behind them. It is better to tie them down so that they are not able to move much at all. By the way, this is an extremely fun way to torment them!

Once you have your guy securely bound, go ahead and tease him any way you like. You can edge him, or anything else you enjoy doing up to, and including, the point at which he begins to “spurt.” Go ahead and allow him a full orgasm (otherwise this won't work).

As soon as his cock's throbbing begins to subside, take hold of the shaft and hold on tight. Using your other hand, rub the head of his cock with your fingers or palm. Do this gently, as that is all it will take. Instantly he will protest. Remember, he is NOT being hurt! He is being tickled! How long you can continue doing this will vary from man to man. But you should be able to do it for at least 10-30 seconds for the average guy. Sometimes you can go even longer.

Another method is to continue stroking his cock after orgasm. If you bring him to orgasm by stroking his cock, you simply continue stroking as long as your hand slides gently up over the head with each stroke. This method is not quite as effective, but should still give you an idea of what is possible. The problem is, every second of rest his cock gets, brings him closer to the point where it will no longer be so sensitive. But either way, you should still enjoy a few seconds of extreme sensitivity. Stroking the shaft does nothing. It's the head that is sensitive!

Don't listen to anything he says. He is only trying to prevent further torment. Again, you are NOT hurting him. But he will act as if you are. If you try this, please write me and let me know how it went. I would love to hear from you. Have fun with it!

Mistress Ivey


  1. Ok i am a guy. I think guys are the most appropriate to have an opinion about what this is. The sensitivity degree of every man penis varies, a lot! You can find men that they enjoy this, others that find it ticklish in a pleasant or (usually) unpleasant way, exactly like the way you described it. Then there are the guys, like me, that they would describe it as one of the most unbearable things, not the tickling feeling you get when you are tickled and you cant take a breath and you beg the.. tickler to stop. Its pain. Its such an extremely ovesensitivity that makes it painfully and makes the guy literally scream in agony. Not all of them, just this group of men i mentioned. Thats why always take that in account. Usually the guys that want to try this for more than 1 time are all the other guys except the ones i described right now. Well now if you are ok with this, knowing that your bf/husband/lover will scream in agony and pain and regardless al these you keep going nonstop, thats another story, sadists are all over the world. But keep in mind that the sensitivity groups goes like this. group one screaming "no stop ah stop stop stop aaahh" and it translates to "i kind of enjoy it keep it going, dont mind my screams and spasms" the neutral group (thats so rare!) that wouldnt react so much. and the third group screaming "please!! stop!! it hurts!! !" and it literally translates as "please!! stop!! it hurts!!" he is in agony and in my opinion if you are not a psycho sadist, you have to stop because you are really torturing the poor guy. Having the upper hand on a relationship and be dominant doesnt mean to be cruel in any way . Even the guys that are really submissive and want to have a cold mistress, deeply in their hearts they wish and need for someone who can caress them, because they are so valnurable.
    Just a random guy's opinion ;)
    Hope it provided an additional useful info to the article (english not my native language, hope it made sense what i wrote)

    1. LIar. It's not painful. It's uncomfortable. It doesn't "hurt" or cause damage. You just don't like it... When you're in that situation it's not about what you like... it's about what she likes - and she likes to see you scream and squirm. You should feel LUCKY she is giving you so much attention!

    2. No, he is not a liar. Every person is different. For some of us, it TRULY. DOES. HURT. Just how arrogant are you, anyway. Did someone appoint you spokesman for every penis on the planet, in addition to your own. Get off your high horse.

    3. For some men it really hurts a lot. For others, it's just uncomfortable and very ticklish. Everyone is different, it's common sense. He is not lying.

  2. Mistress Ivey, I know I'm commenting on a post you wrote 4 years ago, but I'm really glad I found it. It gave me a little insight into what makes my husband tick. We've been married 25 years, and he's always been sensitive post orgasm. After sex, he has always withdrawn fairly quickly afterwards. When I bring him off by hand, he has always been quick to stop me or squirm out of reach when it's over. I just didn't know why, or what it was. I was curious, so I did a little web research, and found your post.
    Anyway, we're a fairly vanilla couple, but sometimes we do some tie and tease. Usually this means I tie him down, get him really hot and bothered, then turn him loose for sex. So I got my courage together, and decided to give it a try. The next time we played I made sure I tied him down really well. Instead of turning him loose when he was ready to have sex, I kept working on him until he came. Then I kept going. Like you said, he protested instantly, and safe worded after about 2 seconds. Of course I stopped immediately. We talked about it later on, and I asked him if he'd let me try again sometime. He hemmed and hawed for a week or so, then agreed to try again without a safe word, if I promised not to go any longer than two minutes afterwards. I agreed. The next time, wow. I'd never seen him thrash and struggle so much in my life. If he hadn't been tied down, I would have had to pry him off the ceiling. I believe what you said about it not really hurting them, but I stopped after about 60 seconds. I was afraid he was going to hyperventilate. Plus I didn't want to scare him off of doing it again. Well, long story short (too late, I know) he later admitted that it was kind of hot for him. So we do it sometimes, and it's fun. He won't outright admit it, but it turns him on. He's gotten a little better at taking it, but it's still very intense for him. And at our age, it's a fun thing that spices up our sex life. Thank you again for your post. If I hadn't found it, I might not have had the guts to try it. Best wishes to you!