Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Nemo's Take-over

Hi, folks.

Thank you for all your comments and kind words on the last post. Yes, it's true. Mistress Ivey has died. However, she would not have wanted this blog to stop. She wanted to help people! That is how she spent her life. So... I can either take it over myself, or simply leave it until there are no more visitors.

Vote on the pole to the right, should I take it over or not?


P.S. It was 94% in favor of me (nemo) taking over! Wow!


  1. I think it would be a lovely gesture of respect, and a wonderful way to honor her memory were you to carry on.

    I have shared the GoFundMe on FB and Twitter. Hopefully the community can come together to show their respect and admiration for everything she meant.

  2. With the amount of readers you have, I would hope you could raise your very reasonable goal.

    I just donated, and encourage every other reader to give something too.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. Mistress Ivey was an amazing accomplished woman. Albeit a brief amount of time, I feel lucky to have known her.

  4. It was with great sorrow my wife read your E-mail to her noting the passing of your wife.

    Those books we've purchased from Mistress Ivey are incredibly witty and informative . . .

    We have been privileged to have known her, though it was for a short time. I feel it would be fitting if you carried on her blog.

    James, of Plains Chastity

  5. Jenn Bayles was Georgia Ivey Green? I'm sorry to hear of her illness and passing. Would buying her books still help the family? This is such sad news.

    Of course, please continue the blog if for no other reason than to continue her legacy and contribution to the FLR lifestyle.

  6. Hello Nemo,

    I've just sent you an email with an offer to help Mistress Ivey's legacy continue (and flourish) more than ever.

    --Dr. 36

  7. I'm so sorry! This will be the best Femdom Relationships Mentor for all of us! Rest in peace!

  8. Found the wonderful Mistress Ivey Green passed. She was such an amazing help to the relationship my Mistress Josephine and I now have together through her wonderful informative books and always so kind and helpful when we were on her daily site which was so much enjoyment and to hear from so many interesting people. Forever grateful to her, thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, she was a wonderful Mistress to me, and I know many of you will miss her. Thank you.