Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A New Website

What? Another one? Well, this one is mine... Sort of. My husband and I have decided it would be fun to put up a website to see if there is anyone else around who enjoys some of the things we do. Like Flashing, and playing “Dare Games.”

We have always enjoyed playing games that can get quite “Risque” to put it mildly. And we got to thinking (not always a bad thing) and decided to start up a new website for those people who also enjoy playing these sorts of games.

After looking around the Internet a bit, we discovered that, yes, there are a number of sites similar to what we wanted to do. However, most of them are nothing more than a place to go to look at naked people. We wanted something more interesting, more inter-active. So we devised a plan...

The entire website is not quite ready to go “Live” but it won't be long. We plan to have photo galleries, of course, but we are also including a Forum so that members can share their ideas and thoughts. There will be a place to post stories (we hope) and a whole lot more. We are trying to make it a FUN place to go and not just another naked photo site.

Please help us. We could use your input for ideas. Yes, there will be a place for our Fetish Friends as well. We couldn't leave all of you out. We might even include a chastity gallery for those of you have “threatened” to post photos of your chastity-boy online. Now you will have a place to do that.

We will have both free and paid memberships. If you contribute a photo every now and then, you won't have to pay a thing to be member with FULL privileges! If all you want to do is look at the photos or post on our Forum, you will have to pay for that privilege, but won't cost you much. We are going to keep the prices low so that that won't be what keeps you away, but just might keep some of the “lookers” out (for the most part).

Here's a link if you want to read more about it. As I said, the full site is not yet ready, but we have some reading for you so that you can get a better idea of what we are all about. Take a look.

Mistress Ivey

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